Worst US cities for Allergy Sufferers 2022

People who suffer from allergies are extremely unfortunate in the sense that they’re unable to visit places spontaneously which can make travelling without researching, extremely difficult. Rest assured, here at Citytistics we have decided to compile a list of the worst cities in America for allergy sufferers. The information from this list has been compiled through using our own sources and studying a report carried out by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. We hope you find this article interesting and useful especially if you’re planning to visit any of these cities any time soon!

Scranton, Pennsylvania

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First up on the list of worst US cities for allergies is Scranton. The report by the AAFA ranked Scranton at number one not only for the overall Allergy Capital but also the number one city for allergies in Spring and Fall. Quite an achievement you could say! For most people, Scranton is the home to The Offices’ Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. However, Scranton also has the notable Moosic Mountains and boasts 1.2 million trees in the urbanized portion of Scranton. With trees releasing their pollen in the spring, it is no wonder Scranton ranks so highly on the list of worst cities for allergies!

Wichita, Kansas

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Next up, at number two for the worst cities for allergies is Wichita. There are multiple factors for why cities can be more allergenic than others. However one probable cause is that most of the pollen in Wichita comes from elm trees, juniper trees and maple trees according to Pollen.com. Couple this with the fact that Wichita and Kansas can be quite windy, which of course transfers the pollen everywhere! So if you suffer from allergies, maybe avoid Wichita unless you’re prepared. If you do feel like bracing the allergies and testing your limits you could go and visit Botanica, The Wichita Gardens which is a highly rated tourist attraction in Wichita.

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McAllen, Texas

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At number three on the list of worst American cities for allergy sufferers is McAllen. Specifically, it has continuously ranked highly for the worst cities for allergies in Spring. Located in the Rio Grande Valley, Mcallen receives minimum rainfall annually at just around 22 inches. This of course does nothing to reduce the level of pollen in the air. However, if you like a tropical climate with a low cost of living then McAllen may still be worth a visit and with plenty of indoor museums you can potentially succeed in avoiding the pollen!

Richmond, Virginia

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At number four on the list of worst US cities for allergies is Richmond. Specifically when considering spring allergies, Richmond was the second-worst, only behind Scranton, PA! During the pollen season in Richmond, Cedar trees, Juniper trees and finally Oak trees all have a significant impact on the level of pollen in the air. All of which results in allergy sufferers reaching for the tissues!

San Antonio, Texas

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At number five on the list of worst cities for allergy sufferers is San Antonio, another city in the state of Texas. The city boasts the most extensive tree coverage compared to any other major US city with a total of around 137.8 million trees in the urban forest. Therefore it comes as no surprise that trees are the worst offenders contributing to the allergy sufferers. Especially with the multitude of trees that are present such as Cedar, Oak, Mulberry,Ash and Elm trees. Is it any wonder then that San Antonio ranks so high!

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Next up at number six on the list of worst cities for allergy sufferers we have Oklahoma City. The allergy season in the city runs all year round with people suffering throughout the seasons. There are around 185 different species of trees in Oklahoma city alone and it has been noted that Oak, Mulberry and Hackberry trees are the main culprits for allergy sufferers. So, before visiting Oklahoma City it may be worth checking the pollen count before traveling. 

Hartford, Connecticut

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At number seven on the list for worst cities for allergies is Hartford. The reason it has made it on the list is due to being home to a number of species trees which are known to affect allergies, Specifically, Oak, ash, elm, maple, and birch trees all play a contributory factor in making Hartford a difficult place for allergy sufferers to be during spring! However, if you are in the city and want to avoid the outdoors you can visit one of the multiple museums that are available in the city. 

Buffalo, New York

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At number eight on the list for worst cities in America for allergy sufferers is Buffalo. There are various reasons floating around (much like pollen) as to why Buffalo is so bad for allergy sufferers. One such reason is that the city of Buffalo has some of the driest yet sunniest spring weather in the country. It is noted that dry weather and a lack of rain means pollen can’t get washed away so it hangs around much longer. So it is a result of the extreme weather in Buffalo that plays a big part in making it an uncomfortable city for those with allergies. 

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New Haven, Connecticut

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Next up at number nine on the list of worst cities for allergy sufferers we have New Haven. It has previously been found to have ranked much worse for allergies so perhaps it is a sign of it getting better or perhaps other cities are getting worse? It has been documented that the level of pollen count in New Haven is quite high and also features poor air quality, both of which can make the city unbearable for those suffering from allergies. 

Albany, New York

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Finally, at number ten on the list of worst cities for allergy sufferers we have Albany, another feature from the state of New York. Specifically in the spring Albany has been notable for producing high pollen counts. There are also other factors that affect allergy sufferers such as poor air quality which is why Albany has featured on the list.

There you have it. That is the list of top ten worst cities for allergy sufferers in America. We hope you have found this article interesting and informative and can help you prepare and make informed choices. Feel free to browse our site for even more great content.

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