Where to Buy TV Boxes for Moving

Where to Buy TV Boxes for Moving

TV moving boxes. Pretty self-explanatory right? The last thing you want is having a damaged TV when you get to your new property because you didn’t buy any TV moving boxes or it wasn’t packed properly is the last thing you need! That is why we at Citytistics have decided to produce this comprehensive article on everything you need to know about TV boxes for moving. 

Now some may ask why do you even need TV boxes for moving? It may seem cheaper to just transport the TV without a box but it can soon become expensive if something goes wrong. A TV can fall, get scratched or dented or even get caught in the rain. Replacing a TV will definitely cost way more than purchasing some TV boxes for moving. This is why we would definitely recommend you invest in a TV moving box.

Getting size right before you buy TV boxes for moving

To begin with you need to find the right size of TV moving boxes that will be suitable for your TV.  Most vendors will provide measurements by Length x Width x Height so it’s important to get it right so that your TV can fit snugly within the TV moving box.. 

Below are the Standard Sizes of Tv Moving Boxes :

  • TV PACKING BOX -32″ INCH 840 X 150 X 570 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -40″ INCH 1020 X 150 X 655 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -43″ INCH 1070 X 160 X 740 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -48″ INCH 1200 X 200 X 850 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -55″ INCH 1350 X 200 X 900 MM
  • TV PACKING BOX -65″ INCH 1570 X 200 X 1000 MM

Best places to buy cheap TV boxes for moving

Ideally, it’s recommended that you retain the original TV box for moments like moving. However, they can get misplaced or damaged so if you no longer have access to one we have included some options for cheap TV moving boxes.

Amazon – Wide Varity of Moving Boxes for TVs

Not only does Amazon carry some of the best moving boxes for your TV, but they also offer a variety in sizes and shapes. For example there’s the Banker Boxes that has room on each side so you can add protection like bubble wrap.

UBoxes -Boxengine.com – Moving Boxes

uBoxes provide some great options in a variety of sizes so you can easily find something that will fit your TV. They offer TV boxes for moving in set sizes or an adjustable box which will have sleeves that you can set to keep your TV in place.

Another reason they are a great place to buy TV boxes for moving is that they offer a delivery timeframe of 1-2 business days. So if you need TV moving boxes in a rush then rest assured you’ll be able to get one extremely fast. 

www.usedcardboardboxes.com – Cheap TV Boxes for Moving

Another supplier of great cheap TV moving boxes. They currently offer a great option for $51.95 that can fit TV’s up to 70”. Another fantastic thing about this option is all the boxes including the TV moving boxes have already been recycled which makes it an excellent environmentally friendly choice too. They also offer packaging material that you can use to further protect your TV making it a fantastic place to purchase TV moving boxes with everything you may need available on the site.

What’s more is that they aim to get boxes delivered within 2-3 days and we have an exclusive offer available which gives you $1 off any order and free shipping!! Coupon Code: TREES

How to Pack TV Boxes for Moving

Now that you’ve got your hands on some form of a TV box for moving you’re ready to pack it. Now this might seem easy enough but it’s not something you want to get wrong. 

  • Take pictures of all the wires and cables connecting the TV and any accessories. You will need to refer to this at a later stage
  • Remove the legs or stand from the TV so that it can fit into the TV moving box snugly.
  • Clean the TV and components from any lingering dust 
  • Organize cables and components with their respective devices
  • Protect the TV screen – use two layers of bubble wrap on the screen making sure to carefully secure it to the TV with packing tape without getting any tape on the screen itself. 
  • Pad each corner of the tv with bubble wrap or foam. This will also help in keeping the TV secure and stop it from moving around within the box
  • Place the TV carefully upright into the TV moving box
  • Tape the TV moving boxes shut making sure that it is secure. It is also worth placing two layers of tape for added security to ensure it is secured properly
  • Make sure to label any TV boxes for moving as FRAGILE and TV – this should help ensure that it is handled carefully

The main thing to keep in mind throughout the entire process is to stay organized and ensure that you’re careful with handling the TV, especially with the screen.

General TV Packing Tips 

Here are some more tips and tricks to make sure that your TV remains safe and secure in any TV boxes for moving. 

  • Prepare well ahead – don’t leave packing the TV for the last minute. You want to aim to spend some time packing the TV carefully so nothing gets lost or damaged during the move
  • As mentioned previously, make sure to take as many photos as necessary of where all the wires and cables were originally as it will come in use when it comes to unpacking
  • Humidity can affect the TV and related components – you can use silica gel packs to help keep the TV moving boxes dry internally.
  • Labels! – Make sure all devices, components, remotes and so on are labeled accurately so you know where everything is when you’re unpacking

There you have it. Everything you need to know about TV boxes for moving and where to buy them, use them and pack them. We hope you found this article useful, feel free to browse the rest of our site for even more handy articles.


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