Top 5 cities in the US for a city break

Top 5 cities in the US for a city break

When it comes to a city break there is no denying that there are plenty of choices available in the United States. However, when presented with the multitude of options it can be incredibly difficult to narrow it down to choose the perfect city break. So, whether you’re looking for sandy beaches, architectural delights, thought-provoking historical landmarks or a central city location we have attempted to compile a list of five American cities that can enable you to book a city break. If it’s your first time in the States or even if it’s a quick and easy city break we hope the information in this article will help broaden your horizons. 

Malibu, California

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The first stop on our list is Malibu. We have selected Malibu as it is very different to other cities in the sense it has all the requirements for a vacation that includes beaches, great food and plenty of things to do. With a total of thirty-three pristine beaches to select from, all with alluring names such as Paradise Cove, Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach you will definitely have the perfect staycation or beach city break in Malibu and it radiates everything that is special about the Californian State. Scattered with plenty of celebrity houses and surrounded in natural beauty with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, you really do get a unique feel in this city.  You can go whale spotting and also see dolphins and seals, which other cities can offer that (besides those with zoos!). Whilst the cost of living in this city is higher than average when you’re on vacation does the price really matter? If you are looking to splurge, why not visit Nobu which is available in Malibu and partake in high-end dining. So go on, treat yourself to a break in Malibu! 

Chicago, Illinois

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Next up on our list of city break ideas is the city of Chicago. A well-renowned city that features some of the most unique architectural marvels in America. Home to a plethora of skyscrapers that are situated throughout the city, it really makes for a jaw-dropping skyline whether you’re viewing it during sunrise or sunset. Moreover, the city is also one of the largest cities in America so like all large cities, it is very diverse. There are plenty of museums, parks and zoos available.  This makes it  a great city for a short break to take in all that it offers which all adds up for a great getaway in America. Whilst you’re in Chicago, you can visit the baseball home for the Cubs at Wrigley Field and then treat yourself to a Chicago-style pizza also known as deep dish pizza. This should hopefully provide you with a city break that truly ticks all the boxes. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Third on our list of best cities for a city break is the one and only Las Vegas. It is a clear choice just due to the fact of how well it is known. It is internationally recognized as a resort city that features shopping, an array of fine dining choices, entertainment, nightlife and of course gambling. Anyone, anywhere will have heard of Vegas from movies, TV shows and social media. It is the hub for all things entertainment. That is why we have selected the city and if you are looking for a city break that will have plenty of things to do, look no further! It is of course worth mentioning Las Vegas is a desert so it can get very hot, so the best times to visit las Vegas are between March to May and September to November which is when you can enjoy moderate weather. In terms of budget, the cost of living in Las Vegas is higher than average but when you’re in vacation mode, it shouldn’t be noticeable. There are always plenty of deals available to reduce the cost and if all else fails there’s other ways to make your money back in Vegas!

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Would a list of city breaks be truly complete without a mention of Hawaii? Honolulu is the city we have selected for our next city break idea. With such a unique picturesque city it truly can make for an amazing break to revive and rejuvenate. You need to look no further than the Waikiki neighborhood for all your dining, nightlife and entertainment needs. Coupled with the backdrop of the volcanic Diamond Head crater, pristine beach and the alluring high-rise hotels, it really is a magnificent view. There are also plenty of historical elements for example the Pearl Harbor National Memorial can also be added into the trip as an excursion. There are also trails that you can include which can provide an additional excursion within the trip. However, Hawaii is not as easily accessible as compared to other cities within the list as you will most definitely be opting for a flight, this may mean that you want more than a weekend to truly immerse yourself within all that Hawaii has to offer.

Miami, Florida

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Finally, the last city on our recommended cities for great American city breaks in Miami. Where better than Miami to truly embrace and soak in the sunshine that Florida has to offer. The tropical climate that is available in Florida is one of the biggest appeals for a city break and so Miami provides the location. With plenty of beaches where the Atlantic Ocean merges with the Caribbean Sea, you will need to pack some flip-flops to enjoy the scenic white sands that are available. Once you’re done with the beach you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of dining and shopping options available and also further added entertainment to truly make it a trip to remember. The best time to visit Miami is between March and May when you can embrace temperatures in the 70’s but have lower non-peak rates. 

There you have it! That’s our five city recommendations for a special American city break. We hope this list can help you decide on where to go.  If you’d like to impress your fellow holidaymakers about the city you’re visiting or maybe just to impress the locals with your knowledge make sure to check out the rest of our site for added information!


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