Top 10 US Cities with the Most Snowfall 

Top 10 US Cities with the Most Snowfall 

Have you ever been curious about which cities in America get the most snowfall? Or maybe, you live in a city where all you seem to see is snow. With the United States of America being home to such vastly different climates, with some states featuring nothing but sun and others being hit with cold and bitter winters it surely is interesting to know which city receives the most snow.

 That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a definitive list of the snowiest cities in America in 2022. So, if you’re considering either visiting or moving to one of the following cities, make sure you pack some gloves, a hat and definitely a shovel! 

The inclusion of the cities for this list of the ten snowiest American cities has been compiled through the data that has been made available by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Buffalo, New York

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First up on the list of US cities with the most snowfall, we have Buffalo, the second-largest city in New York. Over the last year, the city has received a whopping 96 inches of snow! The cold season in the city lasts for almost 4 months, with the coldest month being January. The residents of Buffalo however definitely don’t let the snow get in the way of their parties as the Nightlife continues until 4 AM as opposed to the usual 2 AM in most other US cities. So Buffalo, whilst being the snowiest city in America definitely also has its perks. 

Anchorage, Alaska 

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Next up on the list of snowiest cities in America, is Anchorage, the capital city of Alaska. Whilst the city isn’t one of the most well-known American cities, it definitely has made a name for itself due to the amount of snowfall it receives! Over the last year, it has recorded 89.3 inches of snowfall – quite a staggering amount you might say. It is no surprise that Anchorage and Alaska have made it onto the list, as the state and city are well known for the glaciers that are present. These all equate to Anchorage being a city with high snowfall.

Rochester, New York 

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In third place on the list, we have Rochester. Another city from the state of New York and another city featuring the highest amount of snowfall. The city recorded 87 inches of snow, which is only just over 2 inches less than the second-highest amount of snowfall in the entire country! Rochester, whilst being a very cold and wintry city is also home to various museums with the population being quite diverse. This snowy city is definitely worth a visit. 

Boulder, Colorado 

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In fourth place for the snowiest American city, we have Boulder. Over the last year, it received 80.4 inches of snow which has given it a higher ranking in comparison to previous years. Although in 2020, the city recorded its snowiest winter on record. With the city having access to mountainous regions, it certainly provides a great place for skiers and snowboarders alike to revel in the wintry offerings.

Syracuse, New York 

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In fifth place, we have Syracuse which makes it city number three in New York to feature in the snowiest American cities. The city recorded 74.1 inches of snow over the previous year, granting it the middle of the board spot. Whilst the city can be extremely cold during winter, it definitely seeks to take advantage of the season by having ice skating on offer at Clinton Square or Sunnycrest Ice Rink. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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In sixth place, we have Grand Rapids as another city with the highest snowfall. The city received 70.7 inches of snow over the previous year which gives its place on this list. The city is located near the Grand River, which interestingly enough is where the name Grand Rapids is derived from. It regularly has cold and rainy seasons which all add to the picturesque settings of this great city. 

Billings, Montana 

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In seventh place, we have the city of Billings. The city received a grand total of 62.5 inches of snow over the previous year which lands the city on this list of cities with the highest amounts of snowfall. The city throughout the course of the year features all four seasons, however, its winter can get extremely dreary. Be sure to pack extra layers if you’re visiting Billings this winter!

Erie, Pennsylvania

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In eighth place on the list, we have the city of Erie hailing from Pennsylvania. The city managed to record 61.4 inches of snow over the previous year which lifted it into the top ten US cities for snowfall. Whilst the city also has beaches, coves and features the Lake Erie, during the winter it can be an extremely cold and bitter place to be.

Flint, Michigan

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In ninth place, we have the city of Flint from the state of Michigan. You may remember this city as a feature in one of our previous articles as one of the most miserable cities in America. It is no wonder then that the wintery climate of this city has earned it a spot as one of the cities with the highest snowfall in America. Over the previous year, it recorded 59.2 inches of snow. But hey, some people enjoy the snow and winter so maybe this city is one you should visit!

Lansing, Michigan

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In the tenth spot and also the final entry for the cities with the most snowfall in America, we have the city of Lansing from the state of Michigan. It recorded 49.8 inches of snow over the previous year. The city has always featured very cold and freezing winters which is why it comes as no surprise that it has made it onto this list of snowiest cities.

There you have it! That’s the top ten cities for the most snowfall in America. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you’d like to know the opposite and want to know the sunniest US cities you can check that out here. Be sure to check out the rest of the site.


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