Top 10 US cities to retire in 2022

Top 10 US cities to retire in 2022

When it comes to retirement, there are many things to consider. If you’re fed up with the weather, the traffic or maybe just people then read on. We have curated a list of ten cities from ten different states which according to us at citytistics are the best cities to consider retiring in. It is important to keep in mind that every city has its positives and negatives and when it comes to making important decisions such as where to spend your golden years, there may be different cities for different people. You may consider factors such as which city would be cheapest to save money, which city has the best quality of life or maybe which city suits your own personal interests. We will try our best in this article to provide both the positives and negatives of each city. We have organized the list in order of the most days of sunshine annually as we really do believe when it comes to retirement cities it is very subjective. 

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, the best city to retire
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At number one on our list of best cities to retire is Boca Raton. Situated in the state of Florida means Boca Raton benefits from lower tax, affordable homes and on average higher ratings for happiness. Additionally, the city has 234 days of sunshine each year. Not bad right? Our own data highlights the city as having a Livability score of 68/100. The city achieves this score by scoring highly on both lower crime rates and cost. So if you’re considering a move to Boca Raton for retirement, rest assured you’ll have both financial and physical security catered for. 

Cedar Park, Texas

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Next up on the list of best American cities to retire is Cedar Park located in Texas. Another state which provides the benefit of low tax rates and a general lower cost of living. Although do keep in mind, like the majority of other states with no income tax, property tax is slightly higher. However, Cedar Park receives 229 days of sunshine a year, only five days less than our top city to retire in. Nonetheless, our own data here at Citytistics scored Cedar Park 75/100 for Livability with high scores for affordability and low crime rates. Based on this data, the city could arguably be first but we’ll leave that up to you!

Liberty, Missouri 

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At number three on the list of best US cities to retire we have Liberty based in Missouri. The state of Missouri boasts low costs of living, great tax benefits and also world-class health care all of which are important factors to consider when selecting a location to retire. The city itself features 216 days of sunshine a year, basically the majority of the year which is great news! Our data scored Liberty 76/100 for Livability with the low cost of living and low crime rates providing support for the inclusion of this city on this list. 

Columbia, Maryland

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At number four on the list of best cities to retire we have Columbia from the state of Maryland. The state of Maryland features multiple beaches and parks to keep you occupied however property taxes and property values are much higher when compared with the average. The city of Columbia receives on average 213 days of sunshine annually which is not bad. Our data provided a score of 69/100 for the city of Columbia, whilst it scored lower than average than other cities for cost, the rating for low crime rates was much higher which is quite important when considering cities to retire in.

Eagle, Idaho

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At number five on the list of best cities to retire in America,  we have the city of Eagle. Located in the state of Idaho which boasts multiple benefits for retirees. This includes benefits such as, low cost of living and medical costs, tax benefits for seniors and greater walkability with access to over 30 state parks guaranteed to keep you busy and active. The city of Eagle also boasts 209 days of sunshine a year, what more can you ask for. Our own scoring system scored the city 70/100 with high scores in low cost of living and low crime rates. 

Franklin, Tennessee 

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At number six on our list of best cities to retire in the US we have Franklin. Located in the state of Tennessee, some of the positives include lower costs of living and reasonable property taxes. The winter climate is also quite gentle in the state however the summer heat and humidity can be too much to handle for some. The city, Franklin on average receives 208 days of sunshine so it is quite a bright place to be. Our own data provided the city a score of 75/100 for Livability with the city scoring greatly in lower cost of living and lower crime rates. 

Chester Heights, Pennsylvania

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At number seven on our list of best retirement cities we have Chester Heights. Located in Pennsylvania which offers the benefits of lower costs of living and excellent health care which are great positives for those looking to retire. Additionally, the city receives 205 days of sunshine yearly which is actually on par with the US average in terms of annual sunshine. Our data scored the city 74/100 with high scores in low costs and low crime rates.

Camden, New Jersey

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At number eight on the list for best retirement cities in America, we have the city of Camden in New Jersey. The state boasts positives for retirees such as great health care, access to beaches and nature. The city of Camden also receives 204 days of sunshine yearly only slightly lower than average. However, in terms of the data we have on Camden, the city scored 80/100 with great scores for both cost of living and low crime rates which does not follow the same trend as other cities in New Jersey which potentially means for those in New Jersey, the city of Camden could really be the best place to retire. 

Rochester, New Hampshire 

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Next up at number nine on the list for the best retirement cities in the US, we have the city of Rochester. Located in the state of New Hampshire the state provides positives of high quality healthcare, lower costs of living compared to neighboring states and accessible airports. The last one is important as the city of Rochester receives 202 days of sunshine yearly, a little less than average. Our own scoring system provided the city a Livability score of 73/100 however it must be noted that the city has scored the worst for crime rates compared to other cities in this list.  

Carmel, Indiana

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Finally, in the tenth place for best cities to retire in america we have Carmel. Hailing from the state of Indiana boasting low costs of living and low crime rate which are important aspects for retirees to consider. The city receives 187 days of sunshine annually, considerably lower than average. The city scored 72/100 on our internal Livability index with high rankings for low costs of living and low crime rates. 

There you have it. The ten best cities to consider retiring in 2022. According to us anyway. We hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to browse the rest of our site to gain some more helpful insights about other cities that you may be interested in.


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