The 12 Best Small Towns In Montana

The 12 Best Small Towns In Montana

Are you considering a move to Montana? You’ll be pleased to know there are many places you can choose to call home. We’ll cover the best small towns in Montana in this article. So whether you prefer the scenery of the Rocky Mountains or the Great Plains, read on to find out more!

Eureka, Montana

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Located near Canada, Montana offers plenty in the form of local history through the presence of many historic buildings built in the 1800s. With plenty of local amenities fuelled by community spirit, there’s plenty to do. The Eureka Riverwalk offers an escape to the outdoors, along with activities like trail climbing. Our internal data indicates that Eureka scores 78/100 for Livability. This is supported by the low cost of living and low crime rates too!

Fort Benton, Montana

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Another historic town is Fort Benton. With plenty of museums, including the Museum of the Northern Great Plains, there’s plenty to keep you intellectually stimulated. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is enhanced by the Missouri River flowing close by. Our internal Livability ratings scored Fort Benton 75/100. With a low crime rate and low cost of living, it’s a delightful small town in Montana. 

Big Timber, Montana

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The next best small town in Montana on our list is Big Timber. Although it is an isolated village located close to the Rocky Mountains, it’s got lots on offer. The Crazy Mountain Museum offers a local amenity that is entirely free. Additionally, our internal ranking system scores Big Timber 81/100, which is an impressive score. Crime, education standards, and cost of living are all fantastic in this small town.  

West Yellowstone, Montana

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Next up, we have West Yellowstone. Similar to the name, this town provides the closest access to Yellowstone National Park. Therefore, there is usually an influx of visitors who set up camp on their way to Yellowstone National Park. While offering a retreat to the great outdoors, West Yellowstone offers plenty of amenities ranging from restaurants to art galleries. The city scores 67/100 on our internal Livability scores; while not the best score, it is supported by the low cost of living.

Deer Lodge, Montana

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Next up, we have Deer Lodge. This small town has plenty in the way of unique amenities. From the Old Mountain Correctional Complex to an hour’s drive away from the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest. Our internal ranking system scores Deer Lodge 77/100, with cost, education, and crime statistics better than the average. 

Choteau, Montana

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Next up, we have Choteau. Located close to the Rocky Mountains, Choteau is undoubtedly a unique town full of recreational activities such as fishing, skiing, and horse riding. The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest, alongside the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, are all located nearby, providing a fantastic retreat. Our ranking system scores Choteau 79/100, which is an excellent rating worthy of this town.

Whitefish, Montana

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Whitefish, located in the Rocky Mountains, is a resort city. While the town has a population size of around 8000, it receives several thousand more each year. With plenty of amenities such as Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, and its very own Whitefish Lake, there’s no surprise why. There are plenty of tourist activities on offer. The town scores 64/100 for Livability with a lower-than-average cost of living.

Livingston, Montana

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Next up, we have Livingston. Providing another gateway to the Yellowstone National Park, this town is the perfect place for outdoor activities. The town is also close to the Yellowstone river, which can provide for fly fishing excursions. Paradise Valley is another local amenity to Livingston, amongst many others. Our internal rating system scores Livingston 65/100, with the most significant factor being the low cost of living. 

Columbia Falls, Montana 

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Next up, we have Columbia Falls. It is another one of the scenic small towns that Montana has to offer. The views of the Glacier National Parks alone make this one of the best small towns in Montana. While it is a tiny town in Montana, there are plenty of amenities available in Columbia Falls. Furthermore, our internal ranking system scores Montana 73/100 for Livability. 

Polson, Montana

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Moving on, we have Polson, located along the banks of Flathead Lake. With fantastic scenery, restaurant, and shopping amenities, Polson leaves nothing left to be desired. Our internal ranking system scores Polson 71/100, with its most redeeming qualities being the low cost of living and educational standards.

Hamilton, Montana

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Our next best small town in Montana is Hamilton. Located in the idyllic Bitterroot Valley, it is most commonly used as a convenient stopping point between Missouri and Idaho. With plenty of outdoor activities on offer, Hamilton is a great small town for outdoor enthusiasts. Our internal ranking system scores Hamilton 70/100, with its best feature being the low cost of living. 

Red Lodge, Montana

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The final town on our list is Red Lodge. Hailing from Southern Montana amongst the Beartooth Mountain, Red Lodge is definitely a lively mountain town. Its most common attractions include the Beartooth Scenic Highway, which connects Red Lodge to Yellowstone National Park. Beautiful scenery aside, our internal ranking system scores Red Lodge 74/100, with crime, education, and cost of living being far better than the national average. 

What is the best small town to live in, in Montana?

Based on our internal ranking system, the best small town to live in Montana is Big Timber. With amazing views, low cost of living, and low crime rates, you can ensure physical and financial security while enjoying a good quality of life. It’s a great example of one of the many charming small towns that Montana has to offer.

What is the prettiest small town in Montana?

The prettiest small town in Montana would have to be Whitefish which oozes small-town charm. With amenities such as the Whitefish Mountain Resort along with the winter scenery, you’ll struggle to find anywhere as beautiful. 

Where is the best part of Montana to live?

The best part of Montana would be subjective and dependent on your personal preferences. For outdoor adventure lovers, Yellowstone National Parks makes for the perfect location. Living anywhere near there would offer easy access to hiking trails and other outdoor recreations.

Final Thoughts.

Montana is a beautiful state and has plenty of unique small towns. We hope you enjoyed this article; feel free to browse the rest of our site for more exciting information. 


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