Guide to the Richest Cities in California 2022

Guide to the Richest Cities in California 2022

Ah, the Golden State! California has exactly 482 cities, that’s a lot in comparison to global standards. With that many cities, there is bound to be a wealth divide. So this article will attempt to address what the richest cities in California are and what makes them so distinctive.

Now, most people would think that to live in the richest cities in California, you would need to have rich and successful parents, be a famous movie director or have links to some of the globally famous elite that reside in the places that are the richest in California. You would not be wrong for thinking that! When thinking about what the richest cities in California would have you can picture, standards-breaking educational facilities, luscious green spaces, infinity pools that stretch to the horizon and not to mention great food and luxury shopping facilities. That’s a lot of things to factor in but these rich cities in California definitely have those and more!

It’s no surprise really when you think the likes of George Lucas, Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Zuckerberg and once upon a time Elon Musk all have called California home! The amount of collected wealth between those celebrities and rich elite amongst the richest cities of California will amount to a lot!

So If you’ve ever wondered what the richest cities and places in California are then read on! We decided to go on a quest and collate some of the most extravagant and richest communities in California, in the 2022 edition.  

Los Altos/ Los Altos Hills, California 

#1 Rich places in California

Kicking off the list of the richest cities in California we have Los Altos Hills. With house prices ranging from $100,000,000 to $1,000,000, you’ll definitely need a healthy paycheque to even consider living here. Whilst Los Altos Hills is actually an incorporated town, the city closest is Los Altos where the average house value is $1,554,167. So if you can’t yet attain some of the extravagant properties in the Hills, you can still consider moving to the city closest. Although, our data indicated the cost of living here was the worst standard possible whilst crime rates were the best compared nationally. No surprise really, right? Now if you’re wondering who lives in Los Altos, we can tell you that some of the key famous people include – Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Actress Adrienne Barbeu and the owner of Oaklands Athletic, Stephen Schott. Not bad for a line-up!

La Habra / La Habra Heights, California

#2 Rich places in California

Next up, we have La Habra Heights. Located in Orange County and just 25 miles from Los Angeles, this city packs quite the punch! Our data indicate a median house value of around $500,000. Whilst at the time of writing prices range from $6,000,000 for a property to $150,000 for a lot. Quite a difference! Properties in this area are quite hard to come by due to their size so if you are considering a move here, you may have to take the jump much faster than in other rich cities in California!

Orinda, California

#3 Rich Places in California

The third entry on our list of rich cities in California we have Orinda! With an average home value of $1,342,100, this city is no joke! The average yearly salary in this area is also just under $200,000, so you get the idea there is a lot of affluence within this rich city. Californian climates give this city an average weather range from 40°F to 77°F – again it’s not just wealth that this city has to go for it!

Westlake Village, California

#4 Rich Places in California

The next rich city in California that we have for you is Westlake Village. This city boasts an average house value of $913,400. Close to a million dollars! The city is located in Los Angeles County and borders Ventura County. Thus giving it a prime location of being in the vicinity of many other affluent places in California. Crime rates in this city are probably one of the best in the country whilst of course cost of living does not do it any favors. But with the affluent people who live there, It’s probably not one of their biggest concerns!

Cupertino, California

#5 Rich Places in California

The final rich city of California on our list is Cupertino. This city is located in Silicon Valley and the home of the tech giant that is Apple Inc amongst many of the other high-powered businesses that operate from there. The average house value in this city would set you back around $1,584,600 whilst the median annual income for residents is a little below $200,000 and the population size for this city is just over 60,000. That sets the picture for all you need to know about living in Cupertino! 

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Now after reading about some of these cities and you think moving to any of these cities is out of the equation, for now, there are still plenty of things you can do to take in some of the luxury and glamor that’s on offer in the Sunshine State. For example, you could do some window shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It’s free to just look you know! Next, take a trip to one of the many beautiful beaches in California and just relax! There you go, that’s just two activities which you can stretch out for a full day and will be easy on your pocket too!

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There you have it. That’s just a brief overview of some of the richest cities in California. Whilst of course the likes of Beverly Hills and Bel Air in California are some of the most sought-after communities for the rich people of California but we hope this article will have given you some insight as to where else the rich places in California are. 

Rich people and affluence, not your thing? Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more interesting reads about the various cities of America. 


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