Most Affordable Places To Live In Colorado

Most Affordable Places To Live In Colorado

You’ll be aware of the many benefits Colorado offers; one of them is affordability. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most affordable places to live in Colorado. 

Besides offering cheap places to live, Colorado offers scenic views of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful weather, and plenty of recreational activities such as skiing or mountain biking. There really is plenty on offer. So not only can you enjoy these benefits, you get to do so quite affordably too. The only difficult part is deciding where to live in Colorado. 

Our list is made up of many cities, all with a median housing price of $600,000 or below. The values for this have been taken from a variety of sources to create an average. However, it is worth noting that at the time of writing in late 2022, the current financial climate and the real estate market may mean that some of the prices quoted are higher than usual. 

Trinidad, Colorado

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Median home price: $215,000

First up on our list is Trinidad, based in Las Animas County, with a population size of 8,043. Tourists are often drawn to Trinidad for the views of the cliffs and mesas that are available. The Trinidad Lake State Park also offers a chance to look into Colorado’s history and is easily accessible.

Based on our research, we found that the cost of our living scored exceptionally in Trinidad, and with low home prices, this city is definitely one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado. 

Fort Lupton, Colorado

Median home price: $508,000

Next up, we have Fort Lupton. Again, this city scored amazingly based on affordability, and although the house prices are higher than others, based on overall Livability, this city is worth it. Moreover, crime rates are also low, which makes this city even more attractive. 

Longmont, Colorado

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Median home price: $580,000 

The next city on our list is Longmont. Although the city scored 67/100 for Livability based on our internal rankings, the city has many attractive features and still scores above average for cost of living. The city boasts over 300 days of sunshine and access to large open spaces and parks. It is a perfect destination for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking trails.

Lamar, Colorado

Median home price: $143,000

Our next place is Lamar. It is a small town but scores exceptionally well for Livability at 77/100. With the low cost of living and low crime rates, it may be all you need to decide to move there. The average home price is also very affordable, which is another advantage.

Aurora, Colorado 

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Median home price: $500,000

Next up we have Aurora. While not one of the cheaper housing option cities on the list, Aurora still falls within our criteria. The city also scores well for a low cost of living; however, the biggest drawback may be high crime rates. This city is located conveniently near the Cherry Creek State Park, which provides an opportunity for outdoor recreational activities. 

Fountain, Colorado

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Median home price: $410,000

This city is based in Southern Colorado and offers amazing natural scenery. But, again, the cost of living is exceptional in this city. At the same time, crime rates and education standards are about average compared to national standards. However, its biggest attraction is the low cost of living. 

Loveland, Colorado

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Median home price: $510,000

Our next city is based in Northern Colorado; Loveland offers ski resorts and is close to Colorado State University. With a good location, the city also offers affordability with a low cost of living. Although the average house price has increased, it will still offer an affordable place to live in Colorado.

Canon City, Colorado

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Median home price: $340,000

Situated in the municipality of Fremont County, Canon City offers affordability and a charm like no other. With access to the Arkansas River and extensive hiking trails, this city is perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation and wants to do so affordably. Although the average house price has increased over recent years, it still remains affordable for many.

Greeley, Colorado

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Median home price: $430,000

Located in Northern Colorado, Greeley offers a fantastic affordable option for people wanting to live in Colorado. While mainly known for its agriculture, Greeley offers big-city experiences such as recreational parks, shopping, and other cultural attractions. In addition, the city ranked 71/100 for overall Livability based on our internal ranking city, further supporting Greeley as a fantastic place to live in Colorado.

Grand Junction, Colorado

Median home price: $400,000

The next city on our list is Grand Junction. Although the city doesn’t score too well in crime rate or education, it still provides a low-cost-of-living option. Moreover, the city is known as Colorado’s Wine Country, with more than 20 wineries. The city also receives tourists who come to view the Colorado National Monument. This all adds to the overall charm of this city. 

Cortez, Colorado

Median home price: $330,000

Cortez is a city that scores well for affordability, and educational standards are better than the national average, thanks to the school districts in the area. In addition, the city is near the Mesa Verde National Park, which offers unique hiking trails. 

Walsenburg, Colorado

Median home price: $190,000

This city is one of the cheapest for home prices on this list; Walsenburg is definitely affordable. Additionally, the city has regularly scored well for the cost of living and received an overall ranking of 78/100, which is one of the highest-scoring areas in Colorado. 

Alamosa, Colorado

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Median home price: $290,000

Next up is the picturesque city of Alamosa from the San Luis Valley. With an average house price still below $300,000, Alamosa remains affordable. In terms of cost of living, it scores very well and is definitely much better than the average nationally. The city offers plenty for outdoors lovers, from views of the mountains to hot springs and plenty of activities. For what is on offer, and the over cost it definitely is an affordable city.

Pueblo, Colorado

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Median home price: $310,000

Next, we have the city of Pueblo. It is home to the Lake Pueblo State Park offering plenty of open space and scenery for residents. The Pueblo population stands at just below 110,000, so it is quite a large community, especially in comparison to other cities on this list. The city also hosts the annual Colorado state fair, which is quite an experience. However, the city does have high crime rates, which can be a negative; however, it definitely remains one of the most affordable cities in Colorado. 

Brush, Colorado

Median home price: $320,000

With plenty of wildlife and hiking trails, Brush is a city that truly impresses. The added benefit of affordability is another key selling point for this city. On our internal ranking system, the city scored 74/100, with key factors being the low cost of living and better-than-average education rates and crime rates. 

Milliken, Colorado

Median home price: $460,000 

Another agricultural city, Miliken, offers affordability and a good cost of living. Our internal ranking systems scored the city 75/100, with the low cost of living being one of the positives. Milliken is a unique city; however, it may not be for everybody.

Craig, Colorado

Median home price: $305,000

Next up, the city of Craig, also known as the elk-hunting capital which, is unique. With vast open spaces and surrounded by nature, Craig offers a cheap city in Colorado to live in. Our internal ranking system scored Craig an A for the cost of living with a 71/100 given overall for a livability score. 

Fort Morgan, Colorado

Median home price: $310,000

The next city on the list is Fort Morgan. Located at a reasonable distance from both Denver and Greeley, Fort Morgan offers vast open spaces surrounded by natural beauty. There is also a vibrant music scene that residents can enjoy along with unique cuisine and shopping. Again, the city scored an A for the low cost of living from our internal data. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Median home price: $450,000

The next city on the list is Colorado Springs. The area offers over 50 area attractions and is home to some iconic natural landmarks. Located near Denver, Colorado Springs offer a much lower cost of living and is even cheaper than the national average. With natural scenery and plenty of things to do and all available affordably, Colorado Springs has it all. 

Sterling, Colorado

Median home price: $230,000

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Located 125 miles from Denver and 90 minutes from Denver International Airport, Sterling is home to many people. However, being so out of the way comes with some perks, as Sterling is an affordable place to live. Our internal system scores Sterling as an A+ for overall affordability, which is quite a feat. 

Clifton, Colorado 

Median home price: $225,000

Clifton is a small community situated next to Grand Junction. With such a small community, there is less demand which probably plays a hand in keeping the area affordable for residents. With lower average house pricing and a generally low cost of living in the area, this town is a cheap place to live in Colorado.

Fruita, Colorado

Median home price: $435,000

The next city on our list is Fruita. It is definitely an area made for people who love the outdoors. With plenty of scenery, nature, and outdoor activity options, Fruita is unique. There is even the Adobe Creek National Golf Course available for residents and tourists. The city is also very affordable to live in. Our internal ranking system scores Fruita an A- for the overall cost of living. 

Rifle, Colorado

Median home price: $430,000

The final city on our list is Rifle. It is a small town with a tight-knit community. It is one of the most affordable cities in Colorado and definitely a cheaper place to live than, say, Denver. The city scored a B- for the cost of living on our internal system, which is the lowest one of all of the cities on the list. However, it still offers affordability and is different from other places in Colorado.

Bottom Line

There you have it; that’s our list of the most affordable places to live in Colorado. However, this list may need updating in the future, especially with the current dynamics of real estate pricing and overall financial space. 

We hope you enjoyed this article; feel free to browse the rest of our site for even more interesting articles.


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