How to Find Events Near You?

How to Find Events Near You?

Have you ever found yourself bored of doing the same old things and interested in how to find local events in your area? Perhaps, you’re tired of missing out on local events in your area because you hear about them too late. Or maybe you’re just looking to do something new. Well this article is for you, if you’re ready to learn how to find local events then read on! 

There are many apps, websites and services available to find local events near you, there really are so many resources available online however it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to find events near you that are on dates and times suitable for you. That is why we have decided to create this article to suggest some of the best ways to find the best local events in your area! 

Get tickets to local events near you – TicketNetwork

The best way to find events near you is with They are an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of live event tickets. So if you’ve found an event near you but need tickets then look no further! Tickets are sold by a whole range of individuals from licensed ticket sellers, box office promoters and even ordinary people who just can’t make it. With TicketNetwork acting as a medium for the exchange – rest assured you’ll be protected and will be able to attend exciting events near you! As many of the tickets are being sold it’s a great way to find deals on last-minute local events which means not only do you save money but you get to experience much more!

Find local events in your area with EventSeeker

You can also find events in your area with They provide a comprehensive list of events and locations with dates and times that you can then browse through at your pleasure. We were able to find many local events such as an arts fair taking place which we would otherwise have been none the wiser! The list of local events is truly staggering ranging from smaller events like festivals and parades to big sporting events and concerts. Great local events near you are now at your fingertips!

Snapchat Maps – Find local events in your area as they happen!

Another way to find local events near you is through Snapchat. Now you don’t need to rely on close friends and family to inform you of local events happening right now but instead you can scroll to the map section and tap on the map hotspots. There, you will find all the latest snaps of what’s happening at the local events near you in real-time! It’s up to you to then decide whether it is worth making the trip to the location or not!

EventBrite – Events happening near you!

Another website similar to some mentioned above. A handy smartphone app that lists many events that are happening nearby. Perfect for those days when you want something to do but aren’t quite sure of what local events are happening near you. Simply, visit the site or the app and view all the events happening in your area.

Groupon – Find activities to do near you!

Now you might be thinking, Groupon doesn’t help you find local events? Well, you’re not wrong but sometimes you might be looking to find local events near you but just can’t find anything remotely interesting. However with Groupon, you can gain access to Groupon Local to find great deals on activities near you. Perhaps even a discounted getaway. Not bad if you’re stuck on finding things to do locally right? If you really want to do something then this might be a great way to create your own “event”.

Facebook – Events Near Me

Facebook is another great way to find local events albeit one of the older methods on this list. From the News Feed page, locate events or browse Discover Events within Facebook to find different types of events based on many different categories. As Facebook integrates location settings it will show events happening nearby and so is tailored to you. It can be a good way to find events which you may never hear about otherwise. 

LinkedIn Events – Find Professional Events Near You

Now this one may not be applicable for events like concerts and sports. However, for careers, business and professional networking LinkedIn events is fantastic. Using the search function simply enter the keywords you’re looking for and then filter the results by events to display all the events happening related to that. The closest local events will appear at the top of the list. Alternatively, there may be multiple events happening remotely so you can still take part and benefit from the events without actually having to go anywhere. So if you’re looking to find professional events near you, this is the best option!

Find Local Events with Local Resources 

Another great way to find local events near you or even just hear about them in advance is by following local resources. The best way to do this would be to use social media and follow local departments, businesses and community groups. Whenever an event is planned, chances are most organizations will advertise through social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. So by following those pages well in advance, you’ll never miss out on local events happening near you. 

Local Events with Google!

Yes, google is a pretty good resource for finding local events. They have their own feature that lists all of the events happening locally. Although, one of the issues you may face is that it will list every single event and can be hard to customize the list displayed to those that actually are of interest. Nevertheless, a great way to find local events near you. 

There you have it! The next time you find yourself wondering how to find local events near you then use one of the many methods mentioned above! We hope you’re able to find exciting and interesting events near you. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more articles!


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