Guide to Home Renovations with the largest ROI

Guide to Home Renovations with the largest ROI

If you are looking to implement home renovation with the largest ROI (return on investment) then look no further, we have you covered! There are many different ways you can achieve upgrading your house whilst also increasing ROI whether they are simple home renovations or extensive. Whilst you may think installing an indoor pool, marble kitchens or a spa-like bathroom may seem like the best home renovations for ROI, there are many other straightforward and simple changes you can make. Read on to find out some of our recommendations on the best home renovations with the largest ROI. 

Kitchen Remodels

With kitchens being one of the most used rooms in a house it experiences the most wear and tear. Additionally, most homebuyers will be looking at the kitchen and so it is important that the kitchen is a pro and not a con. You can achieve a kitchen remodel on a budget or you can choose to splash out on it but it totally depends on your circumstances. So whether you choose to touch up the paint or fit a sparkling new kitchen island, one thing is for certain a kitchen remodel can definitely be a home renovation with the largest ROI. 

Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are another room which experiences the most use. For this reason, it is a really good idea to ensure that the bathroom is easy on the eyes of any interested buyer. A bathroom remodel can be as expensive as you make it. It again requires some research and understanding of your space and how you can get the most bang for your buck to ensure that the home renovation provides you with the largest ROI. But before you go all out on jetted tubs and self-closing toilets there are many other ways to achieve a bathroom remodel that nets you the greatest ROI. 

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing a garage door is one example of home renovations with the largest ROI. It has been notable for being one of the most consistent factors in increasing the value of a home. This home upgrade would include the door as well as tracks. The cost of getting this done on average would be $1,120. Other ways you can improve upon a simple garage door replacement would be to invest in making it “smart”. This can be done easily with contraptions from Amazon which you can install yourself. If you have a garage door already that works but maybe just lacks a brand new look, you can look at just giving it a deep clean with quality products. We will detail some products that can help you achieve a great finish, 

Front Door Replacement

Following on from garage doors, the front door is another great choice for a home renovation with the largest ROI. Simply put, the first thing any interested buyer will be looking at is the front door. Therefore, it is extremely important that it looks as best as it can. First impressions count after all, right? There are many different choices you can make for a front door, ranging from energy-efficient fiberglass exterior doors to steel entry doors. It again depends on your personal circumstances and budget, you can always choose to repaint or just give it an extremely deep clean.

Exterior Facelift

Keeping with the trend of kerb appeal, an exterior facelift can be one of the best home renovations with the most ROI. If the outside of a house looks great then interested buyers are more likely to approach an open house for a viewing. Although what’s on the inside does matter, getting the attention and giving the right impression is even more important when it comes to selling a property. You will be more likely to sell a property if you have more people interested, that’s just a fact. This is why exterior facelifts like adding manufactured stone veneer to a house can achieve a home renovation with the largest ROI. 

Window Replacement

Another fantastic example of home renovations with the highest ROI is getting windows replaced. On average windows will last 15-20 years and if it is an older property then it will definitely benefit from a replacement. Over the years, there will be multiple types of wear and tear such as environmental factors, chips and cracks or faulty seals. By replacing the windows you also improve the energy efficiency of the property which becomes a great selling point in itself but also gives the new owner ease of knowing the windows will be fine for the future. 

Garden Landscaping

Keeping the lawn neat and tidy is an inexpensive way of carrying out a home renovation with the largest ROI. Whilst the garden isn’t a part of the internal property it can still be a great selling point. One that looks well-maintained is more likely to provide a new buyer with a reason to buy. If nothing else it will make the property look sharp externally for pictures. Garden landscaping can be as cheap or as expensive as you’d like but regardless it is definitely a home renovation that can give the highest ROI.

DIY Home Renovations

There are many things you may have not even thought of that can be easily taken care of by yourself. From repairing holes, decorating or even just upgrading lighting, the list is endless. You don’t need to fork out for laborers and expensive products, they’re just simple things that most people can do. That is the best thing about this option as rest assured the only cost will be for the tools and equipment which really does ensure that these home renovations will give the largest ROI. 

Smart Home Upgrades

Another way you can look to boost the ROI of your property is by installing smart technology. It doesn’t have to be anything too spectacular or out there but things like solar panels can really boost the ROI of your property. We have produced an article that considers many other smart home upgrades to boost ROI.

There you have it, that’s our guide on the best home renovations for the highest ROI. We hope you enjoyed this article and you’re now able to carry out some of these ideas. Feel free to check out the rest of our site for even more useful and interesting articles.


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