Best Moving Box Kits

Best Moving Box Kits

If you’re in the process of moving out and struggling to get organized then read on. Moving box kits come in all shapes and sizes and vary by size, materials and quality. If you’re transporting your belongings whether they’re valuable or not, the last thing you need when you move is to be buying new things. Finding the best moving box kits will make it much easier to move as you will be much more organized and efficient. For this article we’ve provided some of the best moving box kits available to make your life easier. 

Finding the best moving box kit can be difficult as there are many options available. If you are looking for cheap moving box kits then look no further. The two best moving box kits that we have found are not only cheap but they are great in terms of quality and access. 

UBoxes Moving Box Kits

This is a fantastic choice and cheap moving box kit as you get great quality and available in a range of different options. These include packages that are tailored to different move sizes however they also offer a customizable option so you can select your requirements which makes the whole process simple and efficient. 

They offer cheap moving box kits with prices starting from $49.95. If you choose to customize your options then prices will obviously change but based on the pricing structure for a one to two room size it will definitely be competitive. 

What makes this one of the best moving box kits on the market is the range of supplies that are included. For reference they include: 

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Clamshell dispenser
  • Permanent Marker

This is basically everything you need all in one package. What more could you ask for? – Cheap Moving Box Kits

This company is great to get moving kits fast and efficiently. Orders are aimed to be delivered within 2-3 business days. This makes it a great option for those who need to move fast or don’t have time to waste. Additionally, the company is extremely environmentally conscious as all the boxes have been used previously and so are recycled by the time they get to you. Additionally, they can offer cheap moving box kits that start from only $49. What’s more is these moving kits come with a great exclusive offer that is $1 off any order and free shipping!! Coupon Code: TREES

How to pack your moving box kit

This section is particularly important. If you’ve purchased the best moving box kit on the market but forget to pack it properly then it’ll all be for nought. It takes skill and planning to properly use a moving box kit. Keeping these steps in mind will prevent your items being damaged and also keep them organized during transit. 

Organize moving boxes kit by categories

The first step is to divide your possessions by categories so you can choose by rooms and then further categorize by type of item.  So for example you would have a moving box kit for the kitchen within which you’ll have one box for cutlery, one for dishes and so on, you get the idea.  This will help in making both packing and unpacking easy.

Labeling and taping the moving box kit.

To stay organized make sure you tape the bottom of the box (and of course the top once it has been packed). Make sure you use plenty of tape especially if the box is going to contain heavy or fragile items! Next labeling, when you get to your new property the last thing you want to do is to open each box and then move them around again. If they’re already labeled you’ll be able to move the boxes to exactly where they need to go, saving you time and effort.

Packaging material for each moving box kit

If you’re transporting fragile items like dishes or vases make sure to use the packing paper and bubble wrap that most moving box kits will include. You can also use things like towels for additional security.  You basically want to add some extra padding on the bottom and sides and individually wrap each item to prevent any mishaps. 

Pack the moving boxes kits carefully

Although the moving box kits will be sturdy the way you pack the moving boxes will either make or break it, literally! You want to take care by adding the heavy items into the boxes first so they lay towards the bottom. If there are many heavy items then use more boxes so then you’re not struggling with extremely large boxes at a later stage.

What not to pack in your moving box kit

You might think just about anything can go into boxes when you’re moving but there are some items which require additional attention. 

Food and Drink

These items can leak, attract pests and just cause a mess in general. It would be better to pack food in coolers or cold bags and store them in a way where pests can’t get to them and can be handled with care.

Valuables / Irreplaceable items

Whilst you can store such items in boxes, if they are misplaced, damaged or get lost amongst other boxes it can cause a headache! It would be better to plan ahead of time for these items and keep them out of harm’s way. 

This includes item such as:

  • Car keys
  • Medical records
  • Birth certificates, social security cards and other forms of identification
  • Cash
  • Expensive jewelry and antiques
  • Wills, deeds and car titles
  • Laptops, cell phones and tablets

Flammable liquid and material and Ammunition

It should speak for itself. Moving boxes and kits are exposed to pressurization which can cause sparks and explosions and if you add ammunition to the mix, you’re in trouble. Additionally, items like bleach in household cleaners need to be accounted for and packed appropriately. It’s best to store and transport these items safely and again plan well ahead. 

Everyday essentials

If the move isn’t for a few days then make sure you’re not packing away things you may need in the immediate future. 


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