Best Cities to Invest In Real Estate 2022

Best Cities to Invest In Real Estate 2022

Real Estate. Which City or Location in the United States should you invest in? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! At Citytistics, through using the latest AI and data analysis techniques, we have successfully analyzed every state and city in the United States. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to impart information on where to invest based on facts, which is further bolstered by keeping ourselves informed through studies and reports from reputable sources.

One such report which we found to be extremely insightful was by PWC entitled “Emerging trends in real estate”. 

It is important to note that the information provided here does not constitute financial advice, but if you are looking to invest in real estate in the United States but aren’t sure which city to focus on, then continue reading.

The market for real estate has changed considerably, especially when taking into account the recent pandemic of 2020 and its effect. Additionally, with the changes that have occurred to the workforce with the introduction of remote jobs. Additionally, the emergence of changes in lifestyle with the reliance and ever growing dependence on companies such as Uber and Amazon Prime now also play a greater role when the average citizen chooses where to reside. For example, factors such as flexibility and convenience are now of far greater importance than ever before. So it is no surprise that when people are looking to purchase or reside in a location the main consideration is given to a location with amenities in a closeby location without having to waste time on traffic and finding a parking location. These factors and other key statistics such as population growth and property prices have all been considered when selecting the following cities as good real estate investment opportunities.

Nashville, Tennessee

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First up on our list of cities to invest in is Nashville. As a city which is one of the fastest growing metro-areas in the United States. Whilst also featuring above average economic diversity and white collar jobs and with the shift in working demands, people are now more likely to relocate away from the urban city. To add to this, we have given a Livability score of B+ and an A for cost for Nashville which further emphasizes its place at number 1 for best city to invest in real estate.

Raleigh, North Carolina

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Next up on our list we have Raleigh. Another city which has experienced great change and improvement in to also becoming one of the fastest growing metro-area. Additionally,as Raleigh features a heavy concentration of Informational Technology and Biotechnology companies the average resident features a population of white-collar jobs that are in demand.  Our ranking also indicates Raleigh as having an A+ cost rating which further provides support for why investing in real estate in Raleigh could prove to be fruitful.

Tampa, Florida

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At number three on our list we have Tampa. As one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, Tampa is in a unique position to claim a spot in the list although historically, it has always been a feature in the top ten places to invest in real estate. Our livability score for Tampa scored at 72 with an A for cost and C+ for both Education and Crime. The real estate market in Tampa has continued to expand and so investing in this city is a recommendation we can make.

Phoenix, Arizona

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Next up at number four on the list we have Phoenix. It has been documented that Phoenix has experienced an increased population growth at over 5% in the last 3 years alone and 8.1% over the last five. This has led to an influx in the requirement for housing and services which makes Phoenix an attractive city to invest in. Our own ranking for Phoenix indicated an A- for cost and a B for education. 

Austin, Texas

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At number five on our list we have Austin. Another example of a city in the list of fastest growing metro-areas in the nation which again provides support for why investing in Austin can prove to be high-yielding. Real estate investment choices must take into account the demand. Our Livability ranking for Austin came in at B- but the cost was an A- which is definitely fruit for thought. Additionally, with an average home value at $312,300 which is also greater than a few of the other cities that have been mentioned in this article.

Charlotte, North Carolina 

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The final city that we have selected for our list of best real estate cities for investing is Charlotte. An example of the new phenomena of 18-hour cities. With Charlotte also being featured in the list of fast growing metro-areas and with an increased  population growth of almost 10% in the last five years it is not surprising why this city has made the list. Our rating system indicated Charlotte had an A- for livability, A+ for cost and an A for crime all of which shows why Charlotte is a great investment choice for real estate portfolios..

Whilst there are many other cities that can also be included in the list of best cities to invest in real estate, these are just a few cities which caught our attention. If you are considering investing in real estate in a city which hasn’t been mentioned, don’t worry! You can access further information about any city via our website. We provide a range of information which can be useful including factors such as population, demographics and even crime. These are all factors which can help you make that final decision on investing in real estate.


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