10 Best Beach Cities to Live in the US 

10 Best Beach Cities to Live in the US 

Looking to move to one of the best beach cities in the US? With so many different beach cities available in America, we at citytistics have decided to create a top 10 list identifying our recommendations for the best cities with beaches for you to live in. To create and organize this list we have considered cities with beaches, oceanside cities and also the best party beaches for you to consider for your next vacation. 

Santa Monica, California

#1 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

Starting off our list we have Santa Monica. This beach city is located west of Los Angeles and borders Palisades Park, this city is almost exclusively known for its beach. With views over the Pacific Ocean and all the popular entertainment traditionally found in cities with beaches, Santa Monica sure packs a punch! If you’re looking for an oceanside city look no further as Santa Monica offers luxury hotels for staycations or guests, award-winning dining and natural beauty along one of the most iconic shorelines in America. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

#2 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

Next up we have Honolulu and by default Hawaii. Whilst Hawaii is home to multiple cities with beaches we decided to select just one and which could be better than the capital! With volcanic formations, cultural history and just breath-taking views, this seaside city is unlike any other and is almost certainly one of the best beach cities in America. Whilst this city may be more isolated than others it could be perfect if you want to start a new adventure!

Miami, Florida

#3 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

The next city with a beach is Miami. Now, this city has been selected mainly for its party beaches. With the number of nightlife options ranging in their offering along South Beach, this city has to be recommended as one of the best oceanside cities. Especially when Maimi is is home to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea. Depending on your circumstances this could be another option for you!

San Diego, California

#4 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

San Diego is the next offering in our list of cities with beaches. It is home to 70 miles of coastline which is unique when thinking of oceanside cities that are available in America. When there are so many beaches to choose from it usually means there are many things to do and this couldn’t be more true in San Diego. If you’re looking for party beaches the best suggestion in San Diego would be Pacific Beach with plenty of establishments geared to the local nightlife. With all this considered you can see why San Diego made it on this list of the best cities with beaches. 

Jacksonville, Florida

#5 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

Halfway through the list, we have Jacksonville. This city is probably the king of oceanside cities when you consider that it has 850 square miles of beaches which is enormous! This city isn’t just about beaches as it also offers zoos, parks and plenty of other things to do which makes it a formidable entry on this list. If you chose to call Jacksonville home, it’s safe to say you would never be short of things to do!

Destin, Florida

#6 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

Next up we have Destin, another great example of oceanside city with amazing beaches. The coast of Destin features the Gulf of Mexico which is very different to many of the other oceanside cities on this list. Whilst there is coverage of Destin being intolerant to wild parties on its beaches. The city still features great nightlife whilst having a peaceful atmosphere on its beaches during the day. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

#7 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

The next city on our list of the best cities with beaches is Fort Lauderdale hailing from Florida. It is a great example of a party beach in Florida. The city features The Strip which is lined with luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars which is perfect for both visitors and residents of this city!

Sarasota, Florida

#8 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

Up next, we have Sarasota, another example of the many cities with beaches in Florida. The city is known for being the hub for art and among its many cultural institutes however the city is home to miles of beaches. This means there are many beaches in this city to choose from and which makes it a perfect spot to soak in the sun.

Malibu, California

#9 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

The next location on our list of cities with beaches is Malibu. Whilst the city is more commonly associated with luxury celebrity homes it is also home to some of the most iconic beaches in America. Makes sense why A-list celebs would want to live here! Beaches like Zuma Beach and Malibu Lagoon State Beach (Surfrider Beach) are some of the most popular beaches on offer in this oceanside city. 

Laguna Beach, California

#10 of the Best Beach Cities to Live in the US

The final city on our list of the best cities with beaches is Laguna Beach. This city quite literally has “beach” in its name! Whilst there are so many other oceanside cities and even party beaches in America that we could have included in this list, Laguna Beach got the final pick. With beautiful beaches, adrenaline-filled water sports activities and exciting trails through coves to explore, you can see why! Laguna Beach still offers a homely, townley feel compared to some of the other oceanside cities on this list which adds to the overall atmosphere on offer in Laguna Beach.

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There you have it! That’s our list of the top ten cities with the best beaches in America! We hope you enjoyed this article and hopefully you were able to find what you were looking for! Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more interesting articles!


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