11 Most Beautiful & Quiet Neighborhoods to Live in New York City

11 Most Beautiful & Quiet Neighborhoods to Live in New York City

New York City is a pretty unique city. No doubt, I’m sure you must have heard about the different areas that New York City has to offer. This article will focus on the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods to live in New York City. Being able to live in a quiet neighborhood within a major city like NYC is no small feat, to some, it may seem impossible. Rest assured, it is absolutely possible with a little know-how and a true understanding of the quirks of the city! 

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So without further ado, let’s start our list of the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods to live in NYC!

Forest Hill, Queens

Starting off our list of the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods in New York City we have Forest Hill. This neighborhood is located next to Forest Park, which provides a picturesque setting to go for walks whether it’s solo, with family or even with dogs! Due to the neighborhoods quiet setting, it really is ideal for families. With private and public schools available, general walkability being great and plenty of amenities to entertain the kids without having to get involved in rush hour city traffic, Forest Hill is quiet and beautiful!

Fieldston, Bronx

The second neighborhood on our list of the most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods in New York City is Fieldston. Located next to Van Cortlandt Park, Fieldston paints a unique picture of being private and beautiful at the same time. It gives off a suburban vibe but still has all the major amenities like restaurants, bars and cafes and also being located in a space that is close to some of the best schools around. Due to this, it is a beautiful and quiet neighborhood to raise a family or even retire!

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Next up, we have Park Slope as another example of a beautiful and quiet neighborhood within New York City. Located next to Prospect Park, this neighborhood has great access to the park, restaurants and plenty of walkable amenities. In terms of getting around it has excellent public transportation routes including the subway, bus and Long Island Railroad; if you prefer to drive it still maintains easy enough access to major thoroughfares. One of the biggest positives for this neighborhood is the level of entertainment and things to do whilst maintaining the beautiful and quiet settings. You can expect to enjoy street fairs, barbeques, music performances and access to a zoo and botanical garden. 

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Our next recommended neighborhood that is both beautiful and quiet in New York City is Brooklyn Heights. It is a great community that enjoys families raising their children which makes the area child friendly. There are multiple playgrounds and Brooklyn Bridge Park located close by which helps foster that community feel whilst providing a beautiful backdrop. The tree-lined streets offer additional scenery whilst an award-winning waterfront park boasts the best views of New York City without the noises that often come with the city!

SoHo, Manhattan

Our next neighborhood which is both beautiful and quiet is SoHo. It is definitely one of the more expensive neighborhoods to call home within New York City however, its affluence brings rise to a trending, picturesque area that you can choose to call home. It is quite artsy and trendy coupled with unique shops and restaurants which all add to the overarching beautiful nature of this neighborhood. It may not be the best suited for those with kids as it can sometimes be busy with tourists however for young professionals to older couples it may be the perfect neighborhood to choose in New York City. 

Carnegie Hill, Manhattan

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Our next recommended neighborhood that is characterized as being beautiful and quiet is Carnegie Hill. From well-maintained historic architecture to local small businesses, this neighborhood is unique, to say the least. It also boasts great access to schools, and easy-access to hospitals which also adds to the ease of raising a family in this beautiful and quiet neighborhood. Not to mention its extremely close to the world-renowned Central Park!

West Village, Manhattan

West Village in Manhattan is our next recommended beautiful and quiet neighborhood in New York City to live in. It features a unique blend of beautiful, historical landmarked blocks which draw in tourists to local families who go above and beyond during the festive periods. It is definitely an area where you need some affluence behind you, however, it can make for a fantastic place to raise a family whilst having access to beauty through architecture and parks like Hudson River Park. 

Silver Lake, Staten Island

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The next beautiful and quiet neighborhood from New York City to be featured on our list is Silver Lake. Its location puts it slap bang in the middle of everything. A highway that is five minutes away and located close to the ferry. The parks, birds and flowers also provide a picturesque neighborhood located within a major city that is New York City. It truly is a pleasant neighborhood that you would definitely not think twice about raising a family or even retiring. Perfect for those who enjoy quietness and beautiful surroundings. 

Tribeca, Manhattan

Next up, we have Tribeca as another neighborhood that maintains beautiful surroundings and quietness as appealing factors that should make you consider living there. It has great access to public schools, restaurants and other amenities that are family-friendly. Even for young professionals, it has amazing walkability that will allow you to walk to major offices in New York City and also has access to the subway, making it a fantastic place to call home. 

Battery Park, Manhattan

Our next neighborhood is Battery Park which provides a great small-town feel with all the perks surrounding living in New York City. This neighborhood maintains its beauty and quietness by offering gardens and parks which surrounds the area, they are well-maintained throughout the year and offer options for walking and running or even just walking the dog. 

Murray Hill, Manhattan

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Our final beautiful and quiet neighborhood in New York City to live in is Murray Hill. This neighborhood offers historical buildings to admire and whilst being central to many popular locations in NYC it maintains a quietness. There are no parks in this neighborhood however there are still many residents who have selected Murray Hill as their neighborhood of choice and do raise families here.

There you have it, that’s our eleven most beautiful and quiet neighborhoods to live in New York City. If you have recently moved to NYC or are planning on moving and are worried about meeting people then we have you covered. You should check out the following for some great events to see or take part in!

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We hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to browse the rest of our site for even more interesting information about the different cities and neighborhoods in the United States of America. 


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