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Pros and Cons of Living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Hot Springs Village

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Pros and Cons of Living in Hot Springs Village

You might be looking to move to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas or just interested in the city’s livability, so to help you, we’ve put together the pros and cons of living in Hot Springs Village. This assessment ranks the factors used to assess livability and compares them against other cities on a national and state level. While this assessment should give a good detailed idea about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Hot Springs Village, it might not incorporate all areas that might appeal to some people.

Since moving to a new city can be a big decision. Hopefully, this evaluation will help you in your career change, relocation, or just a change.

Summary of Pros and Cons



  • Population Size
  • Declining Population Growth

Details of Pros and Cons

Living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Hot Springs Village is a small city in the state of Arkansas which is located in the county of Garland. Hot Springs Village has had an impact from the state's growth over the past year. The population has reached 14466 with a state population growth rate of 0.3% in the last year and 1.7% in the last 5 years.Living in Hot Springs Village has a suburban feel, which can be nice for families looking for more space than larger densely packed cities for the money and a good area to raise children.

City Type:


Home Value:




The estimates above for a typical home value and mortgage are based on median values for the area. Data sources: American Community Survey and the US Census.

Is Hot Springs Village, Arkansas a good place to live?

Yes, Hot Springs Village is a great place to live. Hot Springs Village ranks well in a combination of factors and diversity. Hot Springs Village  truly has something for everyone, and that’s why it’s a great place to call home.

Ultimately, what makes a great city to live in is subjective. Some people might prefer a smaller city with a tight-knit community, while others might prefer a larger city with more options. The important thing is that a city provides what its residents need and want. If a city has everything a person is looking for, it can be a great place to live.

There are a lot of factors that make a city a good place to live. One of the most important is affordability. Housing costs shouldn’t consume too much of a person’s income. Another important factor is job availability. A city should have a healthy economy and a variety of jobs to choose from.

A city also needs to be safe. People should feel comfortable walking around at night and there shouldn’t be a lot of crime. Amenities are another important factor. A city should have a variety of restaurants, bars, and other places to go out. It’s also nice if a city has a lot of parks and green spaces.

Finally, a city should be diverse. There should be a variety of cultures and religions represented. People should feel welcome to live in any part of the city. A city that meets all these criteria is a great place to live.

Pros and Cons Details

Pros of Living in Hot Springs Village

  • Livability – Hot Springs Village’s overall livability score is above average. This rating is the sum of the city’s data points and factors, and then a weighting of these variables is used to determine a good standard quality of life compared to other cities. The livability score considers education, crime, cost of living, and residents’ overall happiness calculated as a predictive index through our advanced statistical models.
  • Cost of Living – When choosing a new place to live, the cost of living is a significant consideration. The cost of living in Hot Springs Village is lower than the national average and most cities in the state. While some areas can be higher than others on a state and federal level, the overall average of housing costs, utilities, grocery items, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services are less expensive.
  • Crime – See our full report on crime in Hot Springs Village, and why it is a significant pro and consideration for living here.
  • Education – See our full report on education in Hot Springs Village, and why it is a significant pro and consideration for living here.
  • Low Poverty Rate – There is a lower poverty rates in Hot Springs Village than in other cities in the United States. The average poverty rate across cities in America is about 10-13%.

Cons of Living in Hot Springs Village

  • Population Size – The city only has 14,466 residents which is considered very small. Different surveys have shown that economic conditions are much worse in small towns than in bigger cities.
  • Declining Population Growth – The population of Hot Springs Village has seen a steady decline in the past 5 years. While a population decline can happen for many reasons, it might not be a concern, but it is something to watch. A decrease in the residents of a city has many factors or one critical incident. Reasons residents move away from an area can be due to short-term events, such as pandemics, conflicts, food shortages, other catastrophes, or long-term demographic patterns, such as the low birth rate or residents’ migration. These also can trigger a domino effect, which can trigger a further population decline because of economic impacts since there is less demand for basic services such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. The employment in these sectors then suffers.

Population & Growth



1 Year Growth


5 Year Growth


Who is Living in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas? Demographics

The city has starting to see an aging population in recent years. The median age in the city is about 68 years old. The typical family has on average 2.4 people including children and parents. In terms of diversity, on a national level, Hot Springs Village ranks number 9920 which is below the national average for diversity and on a state level ranks 191 which is below the state average.



Median Age:


Average Family Size:


People in Poverty %:


Data sources: American Community Survey and the US Census.

A city’s demographics are important for a variety of reasons. From a business standpoint, knowing the age, income, and education level of a city’s residents can help companies to decide where to locate their businesses. It can also give them insight into what type of products or services will be in demand. For government officials, demographics can play a role in everything from budgeting to planning new infrastructure projects. And for individuals, it can be helpful to know the demographics of a city before moving there, as it can give you a sense of what to expect in terms of your neighbors and the overall atmosphere of the community.

Of course, demographics can also have some drawbacks. If a city’s residents are largely of one age group or income level, it can create challenges in providing adequate services and amenities. And if a city’s demographics change rapidly, it can be difficult for residents to keep up with the changing needs of the community. Nevertheless, knowing the demographics of a city is important for both individuals and businesses alike.

Population of Male and Female Residents


How Does Gender Imbalance Impact a City?

Gender imbalance is important when evaluating a city because it impacts many social aspects. So, what kind of impact on a city does gender imbalance have? According to many studies, there is no one exact answer to this question as it depends on the city and its specific situation. However, generally speaking, a city with a more balanced male-female population would be considered more stable and prosperous.

Studies about gender imbalances have shown that when there are too many or too few men in a population, it can lead to increased crime rates and other social problems. For example, in societies with a large gender imbalance, young men may be more likely to engage in criminal activity in order to prove their masculinity. Conversely, in societies with too many women, they may be at a disadvantage when competing for jobs and other resources.


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Hot Springs Village Reviews

Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good0%

Hot Springs Village

Rated 5 out of 5
February 18, 2023

I do not know Mr. ‘Sterling’ but I do have a question for him.

If you dislike this community so much, why have you not moved away?

Hot Springs Village – 26,000 acres – is home to 15,000 of my neighbors and a natural habitat to many more. With 11 lakes, nine golf courses, miles of walking trails along with many other amenities and clubs, we all are living an incredible life.

Hot Springs Village is the country’s geographically largest gated community – 26,000 acres – with their own incredible police and fire departments.

To those reading this review and interested in visiting our community, please contact me.

I will be most proud to introduce Hot Springs Village and it’s residents to you.

Also to show you facts versus opinion on our community.

Susan Feucht


Rated 1 out of 5
March 29, 2022

Inadequate words exist to express my absolute revulsion with Hot Springs Village POA, Board of Directors, and Lake Management! Unfortunately, I am a homeowner that made the HUGE mistake of buying Real Estate in this despicable “Village.” Local people speak in the most unflattering terms, referring to “The Village” as the “O-9’ers!” based on the zip code 71909! My hope is that I may in some way with this review WARN people about the REALITY of living in HSV. I could write a 20 page diatribe full of the abject horrors of this place. The utter hypocrisy that exists within Hot Springs Village POA management is downright disgusting! There are myriads of Rules & Regulations, however, the POA elects to suspend these rules at their whim to favor one property owner over another. You say, how can this be? Here is just one example: Community regs do NOT allow property owners or professional contractors to cut trees and throw them into the lakes. In compliance with HSV R & R’s, conscientious property owners pay BIG bucks to have trees & debris legally hauled to the dump outside of HSV. However, I recently watched a massive dumping operation of a HSV property owner (WITH THE COOPERATION OF HSV LAKE MANAGEMENT), cutting most of the trees on his lake-front property, hauling TEN LARGE BOATLOADS out to the middle of the lake and dumping everything. I was shocked, to say the least! When I called HSV POA Compliance, my suspicions were confirmed that the property owner had the blessings of Lake Management!!!!! They said, “It was for the fish!” Haha! Honestly, I wasn’t surprised based on many other disgusting anomalies I’ve observed since moving here. So, let’s get this straight, it’s OK for one owner to dump massive trees into the lake (“for the fish”), but not another property owner (not for the fish)??? What’s good for one is NOT good for ALL here in Hell Springs Village, because if I did such a thing, I would be fined and maybe even jailed for such an egregious offense! Hmmmm, I really hate to consider the obvious!?!?! How about you? When I contacted the HSV Board of Directors, one elected female ‘representative’ condescendingly responded in email that I must be ‘CONFUSED…’ (I have a legal background & advanced degrees). That is the level of insanity that exists here in “The Village!” When I confronted her despicable/brainless comment, she DENIED (she stated IN WRITING) I was “CONFUSED!” Does it get any worse than this mindless Board member’s response to my legitimate observation which confronts abject HYPOCRISY and calls for ANSWERS & ACCOUNTABILITY?!?! The following are also facts to consider BEFORE coming to this god-forsaken place:

• NO snow removal from the majority of HSV roads, therein, requiring a 4 x 4 IF you need to leave your home for up to a full week after a bad snow storm. You’d better be stocked up and forget about going anywhere!

• NO forest management whatsoever ~ it is like a freaking overgrown jungle, with massive underbrush, full of every biting insect known to man, and a DANGEROUS FIRE HAZARD!!!!

• There is a HUGE problem with CHIGGERS & TICKS all over Hot Springs Village! I was bitten by a tick, got Lyme disease, which turned into bacterial meningitis (because the stupid doctors here refused to prescribe antibiotics in time!), and I nearly died. It is NO FUN even going outside your HSV front door in the summer as YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE even utilizing a professional pest control service, ergo, poisoning yourself trying to battle the BUGS!

• NO EQUAL protection or enforcement of HSV Rules & Regulations. One MUST ask the obvious questions: WHY and HOW is this gross disparity being permitted?!

• Massive overgrown empty lots that are NEVER maintained, can’t even be given away for FREE, and dead trees falling ALL OVER THE VILLAGE creating an ever-present DANGER! But YOU WILL BE FINED OR WORSE if you dare to cut a dead tree to keep it from falling on your head or killing your child! Heaven help you if you cut a tree and throw it into the lake!!!! Resolute HSV HYPOCRISY!!!

• MANY owned HSV houses are rented out and somehow the ‘RULES’ are overlooked regarding these trashy properties. Some parts of “The Village” have as high as a 40% rental ratio! NOT good for property values which remain WAY LOWER than areas outside of HSV.

• You will have to face the REALITY of very negative/ hardcore politics being played out at every level of every agency within the confines of Hot Springs Village. Pity the unfortunate resident whom attempts to get a matter addressed or resolved! You will be insulted, lied to, and totally disregarded…. Nothing much changes for the better in Hot Springs Village…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!