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About Citytistics

Citytistics is one of the most comprehensive sources of city-focused data, featuring crime rates, cost of living, happiness, and more. We are a location intelligence website that analyzes, visualizes, and reports on city-specific data to help people make smart decisions in and around the US.

Citytistics is the only online destination that combines city-focused metrics for livability. Created by a group of like-minded and highly experienced professionals, Citytistics is designed to help people find the right place to live, work, and play in the US. Search your city of choice, or look through other cities with scores & grades ranging from A+ to F. Branch off into specific topics to get down to specifics; crime rate, cost of living, diversity, happiness, and education.

Your number one source for making decisions on where to live, work, and travel.

We have what you need to know about a city before moving there. Built from facts, not opinions, Citytistics is a website that provides location-based rankings on livability factors.

A community’s true progress is reflected in its social well-being. Citytistics strives to bring you real, comprehensive metrics that matter. Our livability grading system considers crime rates, diversity statistics, and education facts to indicate how safe, tolerant, and educated a given community is likely to be.

Find your perfect city.

The city may be your home, but it’s not your friend. Our grading system helps you to understand a city better before you decide on where to settle in. It is developed to provide an unbiased view of how happy residents are in cities around the world. We use several data sets created through statistical analysis to predict how happy the average resident is in a city.

Citytistics is powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical models, which help us predict how happy average residents are. Our index uses AI and big data to determine where residents are most happy with their daily routines, jobs, and overall life.

Whatever your city’s good or bad, you can trust Citytistics to find the perfect place for you with our livability scoring system. Instantly find out how livable your destination is. Whether it’s across town or the country, we are your key to the most habitable city in the U.S.